Softball Glove


We are pleased to announce the men's elite and development teams for Singapore Men's Softball for 2021/2022. Players will be selected from both teams to form the squad that will compete in the upcoming Asia Cup and U23 Asia Cup in mid-2022, which serves as a qualifier to the world events later in the year.


Men’s Team (Elite)

1.               Aloysius Ong

2.               Andre Chia

3.               Audric Chia

4.               Chow Rui Yan

5.               Dominic Han

6.               Ean Eu

7.               Elliot Tan

8.               Foo Say Kian

9.               Huzaifah Noorham

10.             Huzaifie Noorham

11.             Ivan Tan

12.             Jeron Tan

13.             Joshua Tam

14.             Joshua Tan

15.             Low Zuray

16.             Malcolm Lim

17.             Marcus Chew

18.             Mathew Tan

19.             Oh Ziglar

20.             Raynard Heng

21.             Schuyler Seah


Men's Team (Development)

1.               Askari Imran

2.               Benjamin Loke

3.               Bobby Teo

4.               Chan Chin Kai

5.               Cheoh Shun Kai

6.               Eldon Ng

7.               Jared Man

8.               Jason Cheng

9.               Jonathan Lee

10.             Kevin Ho

11.             Marcus Seah

12.             Matthew Lim

13.             Nathanael Wee

14.             Nickson Ho

15.             Oh Zachar

16.             Rishon Toh

17.             Ryan How

18.             Terrence Tay

19.             Tien Yu

20.             Tristan Tan

21.             Zheng Shi Ying



Farhan Harahap

Koh Ruoh Jie

William Mendoza (Pitching Coach)

Dylan Soh (S&C)

Team Manager: Chaw Wee Teck


Stay tuned to find out who will represent the country in the two tournaments. They will be looking to finish top 2 to qualify for the world events, and better it's world ranking of 13th.



Moving forward, we will be conducting fresh trials annually for our men's development squad. Interested players can look forward one held in the 2nd half of this year.