21 Aug -> 1.30pm - 6pm
22 Aug -> 8am - 12pm
28 Aug -> 1.30pm - 6pm
29 Aug -> 8am - 12pm
(Applicants will be informed of exact timing to report closer to the trial date.)

Selections for Men's Softball Team

SBSA will be conducting a round of trials for the U18 Men's U16 Boys' & U15 Development Boy's Team for 2021 as part of its talent development pipeline from junior to senior teams.The U18 Men's and U16 Boys' training squad will be training towards local and possibly regional tournaments, and can look forward to regional and world championships in the coming years.

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03 July 2021 (Level 1)
24 July 2021 (Level 2)
14 Aug 2021 (Level 3)

10am to 1pm

Scorers Workshops via Zoom

Have you ever wondered the workings of scorers during softball or baseball matches? Do you have what it takes to take on this very meticulous process? Join our facilitator from SBSA in July and August to understand and be certified as a SBSA Scorer. You can register Here!

(You are required to attend all sessions)

*Teams or organizations wishing to do an exclusive session can contact us at admin.ops@sbsa.org.sg