20 June 2021
Time: 9am to 6pm

Level 1 Umpiring Workshop

Count? Double? Delayed Ball? Foul Ball? Hold Up Play? 


What do these mean in softball you wonder? Care to find out more? Join our experienced SBSA Umpire Mr Marcus Yeo for the Level 1 Umpiring Workshop in June.

(More details wil be made available)


Workshop Facilitator

Marcus Yeo

03 July 2021 (Level 1)
24 July 2021 (Level 2)

Time: To be confirmed

Scoring Workshops via Zoom

Have you ever wondered the workings of scorers during softball or baseball matches? Do you have what it takes to take on this very meticulous process? Join our facilitator from SBSA in March to understand and be certified as a SBSA Scorer.

(You are required to attend both Level 1 and 2 sessions)


Workshop Facilitator

Magdelyn Chow

07 to 09 August 2021
Timing: TBC

Baseball 4 Mini League

SBSA would like to invite all our affiliates, supporters of softball and baseball and friends from all walk of life to come and play in this fun, fast and exhilarating Baseball 4 Mini League. 

 SBSA will be modifying the 5 vs 5 format to 4 vs 4 format. 

Registration is open to Individuals; gender specific and mix gender groups.



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