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Singapore Baseball & Softball Association (SBSA)

Previously known as Singapore Softball Association (SSA), the association was formed in 1960. It was later renamed as Singapore Baseball & Softball Association (SBSA) in 1998 and remain as it is till now. 

SBSA objective is to uphold, as the Singapore national governing organization for baseball and softball, the rules of baseball and softball as adopted by the World Baseball & Softball Confederation (WBSC), International Baseball Association (IBA) and Baseball Federation of Asia (BFA), and the International Softball Federation (ISF) and the Softball Confederation Asia (SCA) which are the international authorities;

To encourage, promote, develop and control the game of Baseball and or Softball in Singapore;

To promote and arrange local and overseas baseball and/or softball competitions for the benefit of affiliated clubs, associations and teams;

To promote better understanding and to integrate and strengthen the spirit of friendship between one another, through baseball and softball; and To advance and safeguard generally the interests of the game of baseball and/or softball, and to employ the funds of the Association for this purpose.

Strategic thrusts
1. Developing Singapore's players & officials.
2. Excelling in baseball & softball fundamentals.
3. Participating in local, regional & intentional events.
4. Nurturing a sporting culture through baseball & softball.

More about us:

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